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Thursday, January 03, 2008

O muslims be muslims - Part 2

Sheikh Rafiq Sufi (Bury madresa Graduate)

‘O you who believe enter in to Islam totally….for shaytan is an open enemy for you’

Rasullah s.a.w said, ‘there is no intelligence without planning’

We should live our life according to the way Allah s.w.t has prescribed to us, not partially but we should follow the deen in its ‘totality’. We should not judge anyone, as a small deed may grant them high status in the eyes of the almighty.

The prophet s.a.w said to his sahaba r.a: ‘look at the honour of the kabah, should I tell you something more honourable then this? The honour of a Muslim’
To hurt a Muslim brother/sister is worse then breaking the kabah.

We should go through hardship with patience and steadfastness and the end result will inshallah be jannah, steadfastness comes in many ways, controlling ones desires, his lust, the ‘look’

Total submission we mean, submit to Allah with our eyes, our tongue and our hands
We pray for the sake of Allah, we preserve our chastity and honour, this is total submission, we act on every branch our Aqeedah, our mushafirats our Akhlaaq, and this is total submission.

Rasullah s.a.w said to the nearest meaning: ‘music creates hypocrisy in the heart of a person, like watering a plantation how it grows, and then he becomes a munafiq’

The most abused word on the face of the earth is ‘halal’
Noman bin Bashir reported by ibn Muslim says: rasullah s.a.w said ‘halal is clear, and haram is clear and there are some aspects in between which are doubtful many a people are not aware of their doubtfulness’

Whosoever guards himself from doubtful matters he has gone to the utmost limits in seeking to be clear in regards to his honour and deen.
Rasullah s.a.w said: ‘leave what gives you doubt, to that which does not give you doubt’

Sheikh then went on to talking about HMC, how they went to Brazil to investigate in the abattoirs regarding the meat brazil was providing for the middle east that includes makkah and medina, he said only 11 of the 18 abattoirs granted HMC access, the other outwardly refused, in the 11 of the 18 abattoirs HMC ranked them to be ‘highly doubtful’ why? Because the meat was slaughtered by non Muslims, these same abattoirs provide meat for Makah and medina!

“whosoever falls in to doubtful matters, will fall in to haram, like a Sheppard whose pasturing his flock around the boundary of someone else’s field, it is very likely the sheep will graze outside his boundary and on to someone else’s’

‘Take heed every ruler have their boundaries and Allah has his boundaries also’
Surely in the body there is a piece of flesh, when that lump of flesh is good everything will be good, but if that lump of flesh is bad everything else will be bad, surely that is then heart.

Abu Hurairah r.a reports, Rasullah s.a.w said ‘Allah is pure, and only accepts deeds which are pure’

‘O prophets eat from which is Halal and do righteous deeds’

A man dishelved, has been travelling, tired raises his hands in supplication, and prays ‘O Allah have mercy on the ummah’ but his clothing is haram. His food is haram. So how can their duas be accepted, when they are earning haram sustenance? Someone who strives they are given the ‘silm’ peace.

Sheikh closed his speech talking about the world, the terror e.t.c; he left us with a question that we had to think about... he said that Micheal that John that Diane they are all accepting Islam, are they accepting Islam because of my actions or are they accepting because of what they see as true in the Deen? Am I a means of someone coming towards Islam, or am I means of someone going further away from Islam?

Next up inshallah will be Moulana Zaheer Mahmood



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