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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Humour and Jest of Rasullah s.a.w and his Sahabah


Apologise for the lack of posts....exams got in the way ...however i'll try being more consistant Inshallah.

The Humour and Jest of the Prophet and his Sahaba are not things that we come across often, this is due to the utmost worry they had for the Ummah and the Deen, which was their priority however i came across a chapter in Hayatus Sahabah, which was entertaining and also gave an insight and more of an understanding of how the Sahaba R.A approached certain things in life,and how in certain matters things were taken very lightly by them, but in terms of deen they were consistant and strict. We as muslims should aquire this personality. The specific chapter was Humour and jest of Rasullah s.a.w and his Sahaba r.a

Here are some of the Humourous incidents in the lives of Rasullah s.a.w and the Sahaba that i would like to share with my readers, but before doing that i would like to quote a Hadith of the prophet s.a.w:

'Hadrat Abu Hurayrah r.a reports that the Sahaba r.a once asked, "O Rasullah s.a.w you manage to joke with us?" Rasullah s.a.w replied, "however i speak the truth (when i joke)." (Tirmidhi)

Firstly i will add some incidents that occured , which involved the Humour of our Beloved Prophet s.a.w ....

Hadhrat Anas r.a reports that a man once came to Rasullah s.a.w to ask for transport, Rasullah s.a.w said to him, "We shall give you the child of a camel to ride." "O Rasullah s.a.w!" the man said in surprise, "What will i do with a child of a camel (its too small to ride)?" Rasullah s.a.w replied "Is every camel not the child of another?"(Abu Dawood)

Hadhrat Anas r.a reports that Rasullah s.a.w once jokingly called hadhrat Anas r.a. saying, "O two eared one!" (Abu Dawood)

Hadhrat Anas r.a reports that a man from the country side called Zaahir r.a used to give Rasullah s.a.w things from the countryside and when he left, Rasullah s.a.w would give him things from the city. Rasullah s.a.w used to say, "Zahir is our countryside and we are his City"
Although he was not a good looking person, Rasullah s.a.w liked him a great deal. As he was busy selling his wares in the market place one day, Rasullah s.a.w grabbed him from the back (and covered his eyes) so that he could not see. "Release me!" Hadhrat Zaahir shouted, but when he turned and recognised rasullah s.a.w he started pressing his back closer to Rasullah s.a.w's chest. "who will buy this slave?" Rasullah s.a.w announced. "O rasullah !" Hadhrat Zaahir said "by Allah! if tou sell me, you will run at a loss". "Not at all," Rasullah s.a.w corrected, "You are not a loss in the sight of Allah. In Allah's sight, you are expensive" (Tirmidhi)

Hadhrat Nu'maan bin Basheer r.a narrates that when hadhrat Abu Bakr r.a was once about to ask for permission to enter Rasullah s.a.w's room, he heard (his daughter) Hadhrat Aisha r.a raising her voice at Rasullah s.a.w. When he entered, Hadhrat Abu Bakr r.a. grabbed her to give her a saying "Are you raising your voice about that of Allahs Rasool?!" However Rasullah s.a.w stopped him from taking action and Hadhrat Abu Bakr r.a.left in anger.

After Hadhrat Abu Bakr had left, Rasullah s.a.w said to Hazrat Aishah r.a " Now what do you think of me after i rescued you from that man?" It was a few days later that Hadhrat Abu Bakr r.a again sought permission to see Rasullah s.a.w this time he found that the couple had reconciled and Abu Bakr r.a said to them "Now enter me in to your peace as you had entered me in to your war." "We certainly will" Rasullah s.a.w said, "we certainly will" (Abu Dawood)

Hadhrat Aisha r.a. reports, "I once accompanied Rasullah s.a.w on one of his journeys when i was still a slim girl who not put on so much weight. Rasullah s.a.w instructed the others to go ahead and when they did, he said to me "Come! lets have a race." I then beat him in the race. Rasullah s.a.w let the matters rest, until the time came when i had put on some weight and forgotten about the incident. When i the accompinied him on a journey, he again instructed the others to proceed ahead, when they did so, he said to me "come! lets have a race ." This time he beat me and laughed as he said "This is for That" (Ahmed)

Hadhrat Anas bin Malik r.a narrates that rasullah s.a.w was once on a journey with his wives riding in front of him. Adressing the person who was reciting some poems to drive the camel on faster, Rasullah s.a.w said "O Anjasha! shame on you! take it easy with the crystels (the women, do not drive the camel to fast)" (Bukhari)

Hadhrat Hasan reports that an old women came to Rasullah s.a.w with the rquest, "O Rasullah s.a.w Pray to Allah to enter me in to Jannah" adressing her Rasullah s.a.w said, "Old women will not enter Jannah." when the lady went away with tears, Rasullah s.a.w sent someone to give her a message, that she would not enetr Jannah as an old women because Allah says:

"Indeed we have created these Damsels (of jannah) very specially and we have made them all virgins....." (surah Waaqia verse 35,36)

........Inshallah next post will be on the Humour of the Sahaba r.a....

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