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Friday, September 08, 2006

The outcome of the Bani Isra'eel


This is the continuation of the post 'The evidence of giving dawah to muslims' inshallah the readers will benefit through these posts ...if readers have not read the old posts then i request you to read them in order to understand this specific post as this is the continuation.


Allah made the disbelievers of that era gain power over them. They destroyed many localities. People were compelled out of their homes; they caused violence and bloodshed far and wide. It is mentioned in the books of history that the Torah was snatched from the Bani Israa’eel and was burnt in front of them. Just as their honour and wealth was affected their spirituality was also in decline.

Isn’t this what is happening to this ummah in this present day. Innocent civilians are being killed. Houses and Masjids are being burnt. This is all a punishment in lieu of the majority’s sins, our relationship with Allah is according to our actions. And from those actions only those deeds will be accepted which are in accordance to the teachings of Nabi (SAW). It is evident from the above that the masses are heading headlong into the fire of Jahannam!
What are we to do, to better our situation?

The answer is simple.
We are blessed to be living in such a time where this work of da’wah and Tableegh is at its peak and widespread. If we do this work in the correct manner and follow its principles and make dua perpetually the almighty will change the condition of this Ummah and will create inclination towards Deen. The fruits of the effort will ultimately be sweet.

Note; from these narratives we can judge for ourselves that the calamities which are occurring are in lieu of our misconduct and the Muslims are in dire need of rectification.

Hadhrat Mufti Shafee sahib says:

Even though the call to Islam is open to all i.e. the believer and the disbeliever but the right of the Muslims is definitely prior to that of the disbeliever, therefore to delay the educating of uninformed Muslims because of calling others to Islam is not permissible. The reason being is that the Muslim’s right always come before the right of a non-Muslim. (Maariful-Quran page 336 volume 3 under surah An’aam aayat 52)

He also says:
The second phase of calling towards good is to call Muslims towards goods so that they give each other Daa’wah on a general basis and a specific group should be appointed to do this work so that the obligation of calling towards good can be taken care of. (Maariful-Quran 141 volume 2 under surah Aale-Imraan verse 104)


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