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Friday, September 01, 2006

Back from a break


Hope you are all in the best of health and iman, alhamdullilah iam back after a long break from the world of E-blogger ...i wasn't intending to be gone for so long but khair....anyway inshallah in a few days time i will be continueing with the post 'Importance of giving dawah to muslims' i thank umm zahra for posting while i was away her post was very intresting indeed mashallah.

Ramdhan is also not far away, inshallah we must all intend to do zikr and salaat in abundence in this blessed month, umm zahra has posted a beautiful post regarding ramdan on her blog.

Last but not least...we pray for all the muslims who are suffering all over the world. May allah give them patience and end their tribulations ...ameen


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