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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Path to Perfection

Asalamualikum warahmatullah..

I begin with the words of Peace and salutations to you all....

Firstly, Please make dua for a very very special teacher of mine, who passed away after a battle with Leukemia. Leaving behind 3 small children..May allah s.w.t..Grant her Janatul Firdaus and may Allah s.w.t make the reckoning easy for us. She has gone, now it is our turn to prepare..'every soul shall taste death'


I recently attended the event 'Path to perfection' hosted by Ar-Rawdah.. Mashallah T'was a brilliant event..with the likes of Shaikh Sulaiman Moola from South Africa, (his talks can be found here: Shaikh Riyad-ul-Haq and Qari Saad Nomani (madina)

I made notes, I hope they are of benefit to you..

Shaikh Sulaiman Moola (South Africa)

Reflection on the Character of Rasullah s.a.w

Qari Iyaz ashifa said I studied 71 books and I found the following quotation in all 71 books: The combined intelligence of an entire creation is no more than a dust particle. The exclusive intelligence of our beloved prophet is like the Sand. ‘My lord made me and perfected me’

Our prophet s.a.w’s pinnacle manifestation and unique manner was so amazing that in two decades he moulded a barbaric community in to rightly guided Sahaba.Anyone who reflected on the teaching of Rasullah s.a.w, the literate, illiterate alike who were no less then wild beasts were moulded and prepared to give up their life for him.A poet says: I do not think he (s.a.w) is honoured, in me praising him in my poem, but it is a privilege to my poem that it enjoins his name

He s.a.w’s merciful character that he pardons 70wouldbe assassins and the Quranic ayah was then revealed ‘It is Allah who enabled you to release them after you had power over them’Hafiz ibn Qayim in his book (pg 63 volume 3): Fudhalah ibn umair ibn mulawih, came to Rasullah s.a.w whilst he was performing Tawaf, he came with bad intent to kill the prophet s.a.w whilst in Tawaf, when he got close, he s.a.w said:

Prophet s.a.w:‘oh Fudhalah what were you thinking about?’

Fudhalah: ‘nothing’

Prophet s.a.w: speak the truth O’fudhalah; you had advanced to kill me.

The prophet s.a.w then placed his hand on the chest of Fudhalah, Fudhalah said ‘instantly my agenda to kill him vanished, and my heart was calm and my fears disappeared’

‘By Allah before he was the most hated in my eyes, but after he put his hand on my chest, I loved him the most’

I went home, on the way I passed by a girl whom I used to converse with when I passed by, she said ‘come Fudhalah, let’s talk’ Fudhalah then said to her: No! I have become a Muslim, and Islam detests immorality, O’ my sister if only you could see my prophet (s.a.w) at the conquest of makkah you would have thought that truthfulness was suppressed and falsehood had been acknowledged.

They preferred our prophet s.a.w over their own selves.Zaid Ibn Haarith was abducted and someone was selling him in the market, Khadija r.a bought him, and gave Zaid as a gift to Rasullah s.a.w.

The father of Zaid is roaming the streets distressed looking for him ‘I know not if he is alive, or has passed, I do not know but I will not seize asking people O’ Zaid have you been slain on a mountain, as the sun rises in the east, and sets on the horizon, when the birds chirp, once again the remembrance of Zaid is made fresh’

See how he gives Zaid the choice if he wants to leave: ‘Call Zaid if he accepts you, he is yours with no money, but if he wants me, no one can take him.Zaid then speaks: ‘O rasullah I will not leave you, you are a father to me, you are a companion to me, you are a friend to me. You are the world to me’

A saying goes, ‘I have not seen any one who can veil the sanity of a man, then a women’

At the time of Umar r.a, there was a young boy, who used to visit his dad occasionally, whilst he was on his way to visit his dad, a girl appeared with the intention of seduction, before he could be in seclusion with her and before shuting the door he stopped thought of a verse of the Holy Quran and collapsed.

‘When your ego tells you to sin, and then remind yourself that the creator of darkness is away with me’The girl then left him at his father’s house, where he regained consciousness, the father asked his son ‘Oh my son what verse did you remember?’ he died before relating the verse to his father.

Umar r.a was then informed of the incident, he visited his grave, and said ‘I was told you have died in fear of Allah, those who die due to the fear of Allah have secured two places in Janna’The boy spoke from his grave and said ‘O’Umar you speak on theory, I talk on Reality, I have it Allah has given it to me’

Abu Huraryrah r.a was having difficulty mounting on a camel, He s.a.w says ‘let me help you’ the prophet s.a.w helps him up but they both fall, he s.a.w again gets up and helps him to mount again they both fall, Not a frown is present on the prophets face. He S.a.w again for the third times asks to help Abu Hurairah mount the camel, Abu Hurairah refuses and says ‘by Allah No! I do not want to drop you again’

This was the kind and the compassionate qualities our beloved possessed‘Because of your unique compassion people have flocked around, if you were cruel people would have dispersed’

At the Battle of Badr, Ali ibn Abu Talib and Abu Lubabah are about to dismount, as the prophet s.a.w is walking so to allow the prophet s.a.w to ride, he s.a.w refuses and says ‘you are not stronger then me, if you can walk, I can walk, I also need the reward'

He never deprived his wives from Social interaction, Aisha r.a said he would talk to her, about her day, only after she had fallen asleep would he get up and pray.

Related in Tabrani, Anas r.a narrates: We were sitting at the house of Aisha r.a, a platter was sent from the house of Umm Salamah r.a the wife of Rasullah s.a.w the meat and bread was placed before Rasullah s.a.w, he urged us to eat; Aisha r.a was away preparing food.

She returned saw the Platter and took offence, she took the platter and dropped it, it shattered in to pieces.The Prophet s.a.w said nothing but ‘Your mother Aisha r.a. has been overpowered with emotion’Rasullah s.a.w sent the shattered platter back to Umm Salamah and he said ‘O Umm Salamah you broke the Platter of Aisha r.a’ (you broke her heart)

Whenever Aisha r.a was angry he s.a.w used to touch her nose and say ‘Ya Uwaishah’ (oh honey) whilst she was angry he would say to her ‘you are angry with me, but you will have to use my name in your salah and dua’ (o’rab of Muhammad)

Imam Ghazali, requested his advisor to advice him, the advisor said: ‘Listen you have devoted nights and days in research what was your motive? You have travelled far and wide what was your intent? If you have done so to show off, then woe on to you, but if your intent was to revive the qualities and the characteristics of The prophet s.a.w and to crush the evil and the ego and to mould the character and control your ego then o’ my son you have done the right thing, blessed be your journey’

Imam Shafi says: ‘Anyone who has insulted or ridiculed me. I will forgive them because of the countless bounties Allah has bestowed upon me. I do not want to be the reason for a person not entering Janna, It will upset my prophet. So I have given a general pardon so I don not contribute to the pain of my beloved prophet s.a.w

‘He s.a.w’s face was radiant like the 14th moon, he had thin cheeks, his eyebrows did not meet there was a vein between them that used to protrude when he became angryOnce Amr ibn As and other sahabas were sitting talking about a sensitive topic-predestination, our prophet s.a.w arrived heard us his eyes became red, he was very angry, Amr ibn As says ‘that day the people that were not present were the lucky ones’

Any Mistakes are from me alone, if you see any mistake in the notes please do not hesitate to leave a comment so i may correct it. Jazakallah khair

Duas inshallah