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Saturday, January 05, 2008

O muslims be muslims - Part 3

Shaikh Zaheer Mahmood (Khateeb in Birmingham)

Ibn Kathir: ‘to attain what you have is impossible, so how can you believe?’

Its is narrated that once, their was a tree which beared dates, the tree belonged to a Munafiq, when the children used to eat the dates that had fallen from the tree, the Munafiq would stick his hand down the children’s mouth and take it out. The prophet heard about this and asked the munafiq, if he could buy jus one date from the tree, and he would be granted 1 date in paradise. The Munafiq refused, Abu Dahda r.a heard this and he requested to the prophet s.a.w ‘O Rasullah what if I get that date, will I also be given a date in paradise?’ Rasullah responded in the affirmative, Abu Dahda was so determined to purchase that date because he knew that one he enters Jannah, their will be no leaving.

Abu Dahda then went to the Munafiq and requested to buy the date the munafiq said ‘I didn’t sell it to the prophet of Allah what makes you think I will sell it to you?’ Abu Dahda said he would give 60/600(2 narrations) of his gardens for just this 1 date, the munafiq said ‘is this some joke?’ Abu Dahda gave away his gardens, for just one date.
Abu Dahda, then came back to Rasullah s.a.w with the date, Rasullah s.a.w said to him ‘O Abu Dahda, when you went I promised you just one date, but I see your Janat is filled with many dates’

‘O you who believe, believe’
When Ali r.a. gave his first Khutbah, after the death of Rasullah s.a.w nothing was more terrible then the assasination of Uthman r.a
Help of Allah comes threw actions, if you want the mercy of Allah to descend then we need to transfer our words in to actions. Allah is not obliged to help us, we are the slave, we have to fulfill the conditions and the help of Allah will come. Our numbers do not make any difference what counts is our substance.

Khaleed bin waleed marveled at the Christian numbers in the battle of Yarmuk, the Muslims were 41,000 and the Christians were 140,000, after this war the Christians never entered or fought with the Muslims again.

After this war the war with the greatest super powers of the world was to be fought the war with the Persians. Khaleed bin walled made an announcement saying, whoever wanted to go home could do so, out of the 13,000 people only 2,000 stayed and fought, a message was sent to Abu Bakr for reinforcement, Abu Bakr r.a sent ONE man to take the place of 11,000 people, this man was Kahka bin Amr, and he said ‘an army with the likes of Kahka can never be defeated’

Rasullah s.a.w said: ‘last night I saw a dream, Abu Bakr was weighed in one pan and the ummah in the other, and Abu Bakr was heavier, Umar was weighed in one pan and the ummah in another Umar was heavier’ ‘A time will come when you will not even be as light as the froth on the ocean, but the dirt in the ocean, yet there will be so many of you’

We have forgotten our abode; we have lost concern for the Akhirah. We need to aspire for the highest, for Janna, Rasullah s.a.w said to his sahaba ‘when you ask for Janna, ask for Jantul firdous, the highest of paradise’

What is withholding the help of Allah? It is our actions and our characters, we have so much knowledge, and we need to translate that knowledge in to actions
‘None of you can enter paradise until you believe, and non of you can believe until you love your brother’

We need to create unity in the Ummah, we need to talk about our similarities NOT our differences, Our youngsters are so illiterate, we need to create love within the youngsters we need to be unified, and unity isn’t the attitude ‘you HAVE to believe in what I believe’ everyone has their differences as long as the differences are within the Ahlus sunnah wal jamah.
Before we were labeled ‘ah you’re a salafi, you’re a wahabi, I am Sufi’ now its gone far beyond this now it is ‘you’re a moderate Muslim, you’re a conservative Muslim’ these Muslims who label people like this are those that cant practice themselves.

Shaikh gave a very good example which we could relate to, Miss England at the moment is a Muslim, she was on a documentary called ‘Islam and terrorism’ she related this story on the programme. She was at one of the contests, Miss Lebanon was also present, every one had a bikini on except Miss England, and Miss Lebanon asked her ‘why aren’t you wearing a bikini?’ Miss England answered saying ‘I am a Muslim’ Miss Lebanon said ‘I am a Muslim too’ To miss Lebanon, miss England is ‘extreme’

If the Sahaba, and the Salaf didn’t understand Islam neither would we.
Abu Bakr r.a was the weakest in body, Aisha r.a said her father used to walk with a stoop, but when it came to the commands of Allah he was the strongest.
Abdullah bin Masood r.a had thin shins the sahaba used to laugh at him once the prophet s.a.w commented saying ‘if these shins were placed on a scale and mount uhad was placed in the other pan of the scale, his shins would out weigh the latter’ because every vein, every blood was constant in the remembrance and obedience of Allah.

Why do we respect people, because they have the best cars or the best houses? When the best of people barely owned one pair of clothes, when Abu Bakr had 14 patches on his clothes! When Umar r.a the sahaba who conquered countries from china to Spain, when he died he’s clothes were old, sahabas requested to his wife: ‘change his clothes’ she remained silent again the sahabas said ‘change his clothes’ she again remained quite, the third time, the sahaba angrily said ‘he is dying change his clothes’ his wife remarked ‘by Allah these are the only clothes he has’

Hazarat Saad r.a had no status, Rasullah s.a.w encouraged him to accept Islam, he asked ‘if I embrace Islam what rank will I attain in Janna’, rasullah s.a.w said ‘the ranks of Abu Bakr and Umar r.a’, he accepted Islam, and said to the prophet, and ‘why is it no body wants to marry me?’ Rasullah s.a.w asked if Amr was in the gathering, he was a leader and his daughter was known for her beauty, he was told he was absent. Rasullah s.a.w the told Saad, to Go to Amr r.a’s house and say that the Prophet s.a.w had sent him, and request for her daughters hand in marriage. Saad went, and asked, Amr was shocked, a man of his status giving his daughter to the likes of him! He refused. His daughter, who had been listening, quickly rushed to her father to stop Saad r.a saying, if the prophet has requested then I am ready.

Rasullah s.a.w advised that the mehr be 400 Dirham’s, Saad was startled he said ‘O rasullah, I have never seen that much money’ Rasullah s.a.w requested him to go to hazrat Ali r.a and Uthman R.a asking them for 200 dirham’s each. He then went to the market, to buy his wife some gifts. Whilst he was in the market the call of Jihad came, Saad remarked, ‘lord I will buy what is pleasing to thee’ and he bought a sword and armor. Subhanallah.

In the battle field he hid his face, so that Rasullah s.a.w could not see him and scold him and tell him to go back to his wife, the sahabas were all curious as to who he was, in the madness of the battle Saad’s horse was struck, he pulled up his sleeve and Saad’s dark arms were made apparent, immediately Rasullah s.a.w remarked ‘Saad, is that you?’ saad replied ‘yes’ Rasullah s.a.w said ‘O saad there is no abode for you then Janna’

A short while later, this amazing sahaba was martyred. Rasullah s.a.w rushed to him, placed his head on his lap, he then cried, smiled and turned away. The sahabas asked ‘O rasullah s.a.w why did you cry then smile then turn away? He s.a.w said: I Cried, because of his death, I then began to smile, because I saw his status in Janna, he had reached the ‘houz’- the well of paradise, I then saw his many wives-damsels rushing towards him so much so that their shins were made apparent and so I turned away’ ‘O sahaba inform the wife of Saad that, her husband has reached such a status, that he has wives even more beautiful then her’ May Allah keep us united, and reunite us in Janna



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