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Monday, October 15, 2007

My wandering thoughts...

I can’t believe I let you go so quickly Out of my life,
as if you were never even there I should have paid more attention to you.
I’m so ashamed that I only realised when it was too late The sun has set,
and just as the rays have disappeared over the horizon so have you with it
GoneI spent all year waiting for you to come
And when you did I complained, complained about how tired I was and how hungry and thirsty
It’s true what they say you never know what you had until it’s goneI shed tears for you today not because I was sad, but because I was disappointed and angry at myself
How could I let such a precious jewel out of my life without even paying it the attention and care it deserved?
I’ve sworn that if get the chance again I’ll take better care of you and I’ll treat you right
So why then dose my heart feel heavy and my head light?
I know I’ll do the same next year.
what will it take to make me fear?